Using PolicyPortfolios

Why PolicyPortfolios? A policy portfolio is a collection of simple assessments of the presence or absense of state intervention in a specific area (Target) using a concrete state capacity (Instrument).

Resources for PolicyPortfolios

PolicyPortfolios is an R package aimed at providing tools for managing, measuring and visualizing policy portfolios. It simplifies the creation of data structures suitable for dealing with policy portfolios, that is, two-dimensional spaces of policy instruments and policy targets.

Resources for ggmcmc

ggmcmc is an R package aimed at providing tools for assessing and diagnosing convergence of Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations, as well as for graphically display results from full MCMC analysis.

Accés per terminal al diccionari de l'Institut d'Estudis Catalans

L' és un guió de bash preparat per la terminal amb la finalitat d'accedir per línia de comandes al diccionari de l'Institut d'Estudis Catalans.

Process standardized coefficients in SPSS is a perl script that processes coefficients from logistic regression in SPSS and produces standardized coefficients.