Using PolicyPortfolios

Why PolicyPortfolios? A policy portfolio is a collection of simple assessments of the presence or absense of state intervention in a specific area (Target) using a concrete state capacity (Instrument). How specific or general the area is, is up to the researcher. How broad or restricted is the collection of assessments is also up to the researcher (Adam, Knill, and Fernandez-i-Marín 2017). Using policy portfolios as objects of analysis allows political science to standardize comparitive policy analysis by providing a common ground of policy intervention, and represents a first step of comparing state intervention in different fields of public life.

Resources for PolicyPortfolios

PolicyPortfolios is an R package aimed at providing tools for managing, measuring and visualizing policy portfolios. It simplifies the creation of data structures suitable for dealing with policy portfolios, that is, two-dimensional spaces of policy instruments and policy targets. It allows to generates measures of their characteristics and facilitates its visualization. Development PolicyPortfolios is developed in github. Raise an issue, being either a bug report, a question on how to use specific functions, a request for improvement, a clarification, ask for documentation or provide ideas.